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The Move Back Concert

Cantina Blue, Route 47, Wonderful world, Wade in the water

Released on 2014, April 19

In 1998 Ruud Stuurman (Rudy Antonio) founded The Antonio Brass, a group that more and more people got to know as a result of many concerts at different places, like the Jaarbeurs, in Utrecht, Antonius Zalencentrum in Leiden, theatre De Naald at Naaldwijk, at the Beurs van Berlage, in Amsterdam, for an international audience with people from all over Europe, but also from Japan, Canada and the USA, in the Tropical Garden in Burgerveen etc.

The Antonio Brass is a group with changing formations through the years. Most important to Ruud Stuurman in his musical life were Kees Buurman, a piano and keyboard player, Ruud Ebbens, a guitar player, and his son Paul Stuurman, a trumpet player like himself.

The music played by The Antonio Brass, both existing and self-composed items, is best described as a mixture of jazz, blues and Tijuana music. The music creates a joyful atmosphere and is by no means elitist, but rather appreciated by many people of different backgrounds.

At the end of 2002 Ruud Stuurman disbanded the Brass after many performances and releasing five albums during five years.

On November 9th 2006 the Brass came together again with a new line-up for a one-off concert. The album “Que pasa Antonio?” is a registration of that particular concert. More concerts followed and new albums were released.
Unfortunately permanent member and wonderful rhythm guitar player Ruud Ebbens passed away in December 2011.  Since 2012 the Brass returned to concert stage with a new permanent line-up and the Move Back concert was released on DVD and Blu-ray.